CARPology Open Access Feature: Estate Lake

Stu Lennox heads back to the West Midlands, where he samples both the fishing on a recently stocked and revamped lake, and a new bankside confection...


CARPology is a magazine and media group dedicated to carp fishing. It is the world’s largest carp fishing media group, both in print and online. It publishes feature-length in-session films and in-depth articles about carp fishing, as well as providing an extensive range of products for carp anglers.

CARPology has become a prominent publication in the carp angling world due to its comprehensive coverage of the sport, its wide range of products, and its commitment to providing the latest news and information about carp fishing.

As a fishery owner, you dream of such a renown brand wanting to publish a feature about one of your lakes. 

The write up is wonderful and really paints a picture for the reader, detailing the beauty of our venue. It truly is a dream come true to feature in a publication of this stature. To read the full article, please click here.

Open Access Venue

In the midst of a harsh winter day, Stu Lennox and Tom Humphreys began their independent drives towards The Estate Lake, a fitting addition to the Arrow Meadow collection

Having previously visited Arrow Meadow Pools in the sweltering heat of July, the weather and venue on this trip could not have been more different.

About the Estate Lake

The Estate Lake is located in the grounds of Knowle Hall, a magnificent mansion near Solihull, in the surrounding countryside. The 6,000-square-foot, three-story home was constructed in 1850 as a Grade II*-listed structure for the then-Lord of the Manor. Since then, the house has undergone numerous transformations. Until it finally fell into decay, a number of owners gained and lost fortunes there. The lake itself, which the house at the foot of the hill overlooks, has always included fish. In the 1960s and 1970s, local schoolchildren fished coarse species-rich waters as part of their curriculum.

Since 2015, a major restoration project has been conducted on the property, including lake maintenance. The water had become surrounded by overhanging and fallen trees and blocked with silt after being reclaimed by nature. The current owners opened the dam wall, allowing a substantial amount of silt to escape. In addition, they removed numerous overhanging trees and built one of the islands.

The lake’s owners approached Arrow Meadow Fisheries almost three years ago and offered them a lease, which we accepted immediately. Two years ago, the Arrow Meadow team completed cleaning up the lake and surrounding vegetation, removing the remainder of the slit, and installing and improving pathways. 

We then stocked 150 C4s from numerous reputable vendors, including VS Fisheries, AJS Fisheries, and Mark Simmonds. A couple of additional fish were introduced a few weeks prior to our visit. To safeguard the herd, an otter fence has been constructed, and the water is now available for exclusive rentals. It has not been overfished, and many of the fish have not yet been banked. It is so difficult to assess their growth rates, however it is thought that all fish weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.

About 2.5 acres in size, the lake contains two islands at one end. The four named pegs are woodchipped in a manner that complements the texture of the water. The pathways have been gravel-lined for the convenience of guests, but are also bark-covered to preserve the venue’s natural appearance. Whether sipping a cup of coffee and watching mist rise from the lake’s surface early in the morning, the old boathouse remains a magnificent backdrop. 

There are nets, mats, and slings available, and a bathroom building is hidden in the bushes near the parking lot. Located a stone’s throw from the Grand Union Canal and surrounded by farmland, the lake provides a tranquil retreat for those who wish to get away from it all.

Exclusively Hire the Estate Lake to Find Out Why CARPology Love This Lake!

You don’t have to be CARPology or work for CARPology or any other famous brand to experience a fishing trip on our breath taking Estate Lake. 

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Enjoy being nestled in amongst private, secluded woodland and surrounded by stunning countryside, rolling hills & the Manor house in the distance, The Estate Lake is a picturesque sanctuary for anglers.

With over 150 carp to catch and with specimen carp of 30lbs +, onsite shower and toilet facilities and only a £100 deposit to pay at the time of booking, The Estate Lake is one of the Jewels in our crown!