Exclusive Carp Fishing Lakes

We offer a perfect balance for anglers looking to enjoy some of the UK's most beautiful exclusive carp fishing lakes. Our exceptional fishing experiences are all set in the stunning, natural scenery of British countryside. Our exclusive carp fishing lake provides anglers with tree-lined margins and islands to encourage all, no matter what their experience.

Not just any carp fisheries – ours are luxury fisheries and carp lakes for the discerning fisherman.

Our carp fishing lakes are special places to fish. The tranquillity of lakeside fishing is one of the most relaxing forms of recreation. With plenty of people passing through its gates, Arrow Meadow fisheries has a reputation for delivering a fantastic break for all who pass through its gates.

Arrow Meadow lakes are well-managed fisheries that provide the very best in fishing holidays and all round fishing for everyone.

Exclusive Carp Fishing Holidays

Booking one of our lakes means that you and your friends will have exclusive use of the lake as well as use of the picturesque on-site facilities for a wonderful break full of undisturbed, peaceful fishing.

Each of our Fisheries offers expert angling for all levels of angling enthusiasts. All set in the heart of the countryside with plenty of scenic views to enjoy, and they’re all well stocked with a wide range of weights and sizes.

Our exclusive carp fishing lakes are your one-stop destination for a fishing holiday. Each spot boasts a beautiful lake, amazing facilities, and privacy! These are just some of the reasons why Arrow Meadow is the perfect place to unwind and escape.

With several fishing lakes to choose from, Arrow Meadow is the best place for a short break full of angling, fun, and relaxation.

Space, Comfort, Carp and Breathtaking Scenery

At our exclusive carp lakes, we want you to enjoy an unforgettable experience on your carp fishing holiday. Any one of our exclusive carp lake is a perfect getaway for you, your family, or friends. Enjoy your short break in the peaceful environment of our exclusive lakes, where you can focus on catching beautiful carp specimens.

Come enjoy the peace of mind of exclusive ownership at one of our beautiful exclusive carp lakes, where you’ll never have to share your lake with strangers or other carp anglers.

Your perfect holiday awaits in stunning and picturesque locations like the Estate Lake. Forget about the stress of modern living and escape into blissful serenity on your next fishing holiday with us.

Our Pools

Carp Fishing Holidays in The UK

Arrow Meadow Fisheries feature some of the most exciting carp sites around the country. For the best fishing experience, Arrow Meadow advises booking a reservation in advance to ensure you can get the dates you desire.

We’re experts in carp, so we know what it takes to create the perfect weekend, always tailored to meet your needs. All you need is the right location and some time to fish. Arrow Meadow Fisheries makes sure the rest happens so you can relax and enjoy your break.

With our lakes being some of the very best in the country. We are dedicated to ensuring your fishing experience is an amazing one. Whether a couple’s get away or a family adventure we have your covered.

We understand the frustration of finding a suitable venue for fishing vacations. That’s why we offer you an amazing carp lake holiday with outstanding facilities, stunning scenery, and good, old-fashioned fun.

Fancy some fishing for some carp? Come and enjoy the scenery, tackle the best carp in the country. No need to travel afar for a good fishin’ holiday. For the angler who puts a premium on catch and release, there are few things as thrilling as landing one of the incredible carp we have in our lakes.

What We Are About

Our passion is angling, and we are proud of our reputation. We do whatever it takes to create a great environment for fishermen and fish. We carefully monitor water quality using an in-ground water filtration and aeration system, which greatly improves both the dissolved oxygen level and the overall water quality within our exclusive carp lakes. This, in turn, increases the health of our fish and enhances their growth to levels that are now rarely attainable by other means.

With a focus on sustainability, we work hard to ensure our fish are as healthy as possible on your fishing holiday. Our team is always available to help with care and advice whenever you need it. We go to great lengths to ensure our fish and carp lakes are cared for to the highest standard. We make sure they’re eating a high-quality diet and living in a stress-free environment – just as Mother Nature intended.

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