Lake With No Name - Exclusive Hire


East Sussex, England

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Lake With No Name 4x Night Midweek Break


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Nestled in amongst private, secluded woodland and surrounded by stunning countryside, rolling hills & the Manor house in the distance, The Estate Lake is a picturesque sanctuary for anglers.

  • The lake was fully drained in 2018 to remove all silt and any fish stocks present.
  • It has depths ranging from 2 -9 ft and is fully fenced with 4 new, purpose built swims.
  • We have a ‘no access bank’ to the manor house end, we allow bait boats and we feel they would be an advantage on this venue
  • The Estate Lake is clay lined and has all the typical estate lake features you would expect: such as pads , reeds , overhanging trees and 2 small islands as well as a boat house
  • Lots of wildlife to see and hear
  • Approx. 3 acers in size and a stunning example of an English Estate Lake
  • 140 Fish stocked in winter of 2021 from 10 lb to 19lb
  • We have a full stocking album on site that you can view when you arrive as well as all captures to date
  • Max x4 anglers
  • x3 day or x6 day Exclusive Hire

Bookings are now being taken for 2022 – *please note existing customers who have been to Arrow pools will receive the opportunity to book this venue before others

Estate lake rules

The Non-Negotiable Rules –

  • Max. 4 anglers per booking, on site (STRICTLY NO VISITORS ALLOWED)
  • X3 rods per angler
  • No nuts or shelf like boilies. (We can supply house pellets and house boilies- Dave Mallin Pungent Squid Freezer Bait if requested- at cost price ).
  • Bivies Only- to be erected in swim areas only.
  • 20% deposit required upon booking (NON REFUNDABLE). Balance required upon arrival of booking (cash only)
  • Cancellations must be made in writing to
  • Main Gate must be closed and locked at all times
  • All vehicles to park in fishery car park only
  • Nets/mats/slings supplied *None to be brought to the fishery
  • STRICTLY no rods to be left unattended or in the care of another angler
  • All fish to be landed/netted and released/returned using slings provided
  • STRICTLY No drugs
  • STRICTLY No heavy drinking
  • STRICTLY No loud noise or radios
  • We allow bait boats and we feel they would be an advantage on this venue
  • No Fires are permitted
  • All litter to be taken home by anglers- we do not provide bins
  • Experienced anglers only
  • All rigs and setup must be checked and verified by Alan prior to fishing
  • Micro barbs permitted. However, anglers must be prepared to cut hooks with snips if required.
  • Any snagged fish MUST be reported to Alan immediately
  • All gates to be kept closed AT ALL TIMES
  • No access on foot to the out of bounds bank
  • Shower/toilet block must be kept and left clean
  • Please keep the location of the fishery private. Please do not share the location via social media or any other forms of communication.
  • All fish captures to be photographed on both sides in main pool and pics emailed to (please include accurate weights).
  • Fish care – number one priority


PLEASE NOTE Arrow Meadow Fisheries DO NOT accept any responsibility for injury, damage or theft to vehicles or equipment. We reserve the right to refuse admission and amend the rules at any time. Abusive behaviour and swearing will NOT be tolerated. We reserve the right to ask you to leave at any time.


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Further Details

Arrival Mon 12pm. Departure Fri 11am.
Please Choose your CHECK-IN day above.
Perfect for X2 anglers (+max x2 non angling guests) on an exclusive hire basis

Immerse Yourself in Tranquillity


We are delighted to offer you a truly breath taking experience amidst the Lake with no names’ crystal-clear waters. With an average depth of 6ft, our this lake creates a perfect haven for swimmers and nature enthusiasts who share an unyielding passion for the great outdoors.

Discover the exquisite, tranquil beauty that surrounds this magnificent water – a place where memories come alive and the spirit of adventure thrives.

But that’s not all! Awaiting you within these idyllic waters lies an abundant population of approximately 150 mesmerizing dark Carp, proudly boasting weights that range from an impressive 12 to a staggering 30lb.

These majestic creatures invite you to relish in a delightful fishing experience that will ignite your senses and fuel your angling aspirations. The lake with no name crafts the perfect atmosphere so you can enjoy the art of reeling in these exceptional Carp.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of this gorgeous haven is its exclusivity. This perfect setup welcomes two passionate anglers along with two additional non-angling guests to share an unforgettable experience. Feel like royalty on this pristine lake as its captivating surroundings become your own private escape.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to lose yourself in the overwhelming charm and serenity of this enchanting spot.

Further Details

Nestled amid the verdant beauty of East Sussex, you will find the hidden gem, ‘The Lake With No Name.’

This enchanting oasis is discreetly positioned on private land, offering you a fantastic opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in a remote, tranquil paradise designed solely for the passionate angler.

  • Positioned on private land in a fantastic, remote location
  • Stunning 2.5 acre lake, set in exquisite, rural surroundings
  • Excellent water quality
  • Average depth 6ft
  • Fantastic head of existing fish (approx.150 stunning, dark Carp between 12-30lb)
  • Perfect for X2 anglers (+max x2 non angling guests) on an exclusive hire basis

Stocked with approximately 150 Carp

Weights between 12 - 30lb

Onsite Shower and Toilet Facilities

Secure Location

Exclusive Hire for You - No Other Anglers

Reasons to choose the Lake With No Name


Exclusive Hire Carp Fishery Sussex

This hidden gem, tucked away on private land, offers you the serene escape your soul craves. Embark on a journey toward unmatched solace and become immersed in an angling haven like no other in this remote, idyllic location.

Our exclusive water is steeped in calmness and reflects the shimmering hues of the sky, enveloping you in a world of tranquillity like no other. Each day, the dream of preserving this splendid sanctuary becomes a reality we are eager to share with our esteemed community of anglers.

We welcome you to this enchanting corner of the angling world, where unforgettable experiences are crafted and lifelong memories born.

Relax and Enjoy Your Stay

The Lake With No Name