Drennan Tackle Species Challenge: A Day with Stu Lennox on Arrow Meadow Pools

The task was simple: catch as many different fish species as possible...in one day!


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Stu Lennox, a renown and highly skilled angler, has gained wide recognition and admiration in the angling community for his expertise and passion for the sport.

Throughout his career, Stu has always emphasised the importance of enjoying fishing without setting specific targets or focusing on particular species. This philosophy has not only served him exceptionally well but has also allowed him to truly appreciate the thrill and anticipation that comes with the uncertainty of what might be lurking at the end of his line.

Recently, Stu decided to take on a challenge on our picturesque Arrow Meadow Pools in Alvechurch. Known for its breath-taking scenery and diverse aquatic life, Arrow Meadow Pools provided the perfect backdrop for Stu’s latest angling adventure: The Multi Species Challenge.

The Multi Species Challenge is a unique and exhilarating test of an angler’s skills, as it requires participants to catch as many different fish species as possible.

For an expert angler like Stu, this was an opportunity to showcase his versatility and in-depth knowledge of various fish species, as well as their preferred habitats and feeding habits.

The Challenge Was a Simple One

The challenge was to catch as many distinct species as possible, all within 4 hours. Our renowned Arrow Meadow Pools, a veritable paradise for fishing enthusiasts, offered the perfect setting to undertake this ambitious endeavour. Boasting an impressive variety of aquatic habitats, the fishery caters to anglers of all skill levels and preferences.

The centrepiece of the complex is undoubtedly the main carp lake, with carp ranging in size upto 37lb. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, the aptly named pleasure pool provides a serene and picturesque environment to cast a line and while away the hours. Finally, a pristine stretch of the River Arrow meanders through the property, offering an authentic river fishing experience and the chance to hook into some river  species.

One of the most appealing aspects of Arrow Meadow Pools is its exclusivity. When you secure a booking, the entire complex becomes your personal playground, with unrestricted access to every fishing spot and amenity available. This level of privacy allows you to fully immerse yourself in the sport and connect with nature, unencumbered by the distractions of other anglers.

Booking your adventure at Arrow Meadow Pools is as effortless as it is rewarding, with a user-friendly website guiding you through the process – click here for more information. And should you require any assistance, the owners, Alan and Lorraine, are always on hand to share their wealth of knowledge and passion for the fishery.

Their expertise and genuine love for angling ensure that your visit to Arrow Meadow Fishery will be an unforgettable experience, and perhaps even the setting for the successful completion of your own personal fishing challenge.

A Simple Setup

For this exhilarating challenge, our seasoned angler Stu meticulously devised a plan to maximise his chances of reeling in a diverse array of species.

He employed a dual-pronged approach, utilising both a short line for targeting edge-dwelling fish and a longer line for reaching those that inhabit the deeper realms of the lake. To further enhance his versatility, Stu armed himself with both a pole and a feeder rod, allowing him to adapt to various fish sizes with ease.

As for bait, Stu opted for a tantalising medley of maggots, casters, and dampened micros, designed to entice a broad spectrum of aquatic life. With an ambitious target of hooking 10 distinct species—including various strains such as common carp, mirror carp, and ghost carp—Stu was primed for an action-packed day on the water.

The day commenced with a flurry of activity, as Stu quickly reeled in a number of species within the first few hours, including crucian carp, little carp, and the vibrant golden rudd.

Eager to maintain his momentum, he switched to the feeder rod for approximately one hour, successfully landing several larger carp, albeit without adding any new species to his growing list. Recognising the need for a change in tactics, Stu reverted to the pole and honed his focus on the fish lurking near the water’s edge—a decision that would soon pay dividends.

As the day progressed, Stu’s species tally continued to climb, bolstered by the unexpected capture of a tench and the strikingly unique koi goldfish. With his initial goal of 10 different species now achieved, Stu could have easily called it a day. However, the allure of a large fish that had previously eluded him proved too strong to resist.

Determined to settle the score, Stu assembled his carp gear, baited up with a more substantial offering, and positioned a rod along the edge. Within a mere 20 minutes, he found himself locked in battle with a formidable diamondback sturgeon, ultimately bringing his total species count to an impressive 11.

By the day’s end, Stu had successfully landed a remarkable 13 different species, rendering the Multi Species Challenge an undeniable triumph.

For those seeking an enthralling and diverse angling experience, Stu wholeheartedly endorses Arrow Meadow Pools. Whether you wish to embark on your own Species Challenge or simply relish a day of fishing amid breath taking surroundings, this remarkable fishery caters to anglers of all persuasions.

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