CARPology Feature: Arrow Meadow Pools

We were over the moon to welcome CARPology's very own Stu Lennox onto our flagship fishery - a unique water with a special history!


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Nestled in the picturesque countryside south of Birmingham lies Arrow Meadow Fishery, spanning over four and a half acres of lush greenery. The grounds boast two serene pools and a stretch of the River Arrow, with the one-acre Main Pool, excavated in 1995, and the smaller Pleasure Pool situated amidst the stunning estate of the former owner, Terry Thomas.

The renowned presenter of the popular 1970s television programme, Fishing Today, coined the catchphrase ‘Tight lines’ and would sign off each show with this now well-known expression.

Before Terry sold the house, he and his TV co-host Chris Tarrant (of ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ fame) spent a lot of time fishing in that pool. My wife and I viewed the house in 2017 when it returned to the market. In addition to the house, the vendors also listed the pool on the nearby property for sale. As I went looking for the lake, I couldn’t find it!

The area was surrounded by dense greenery and towering trees. Still, I began the laborious process of restoring the pool to its former beauty, and the sale of the house and lake went through as planned. The poolside vegetation had grown so thick that, at first, I couldn’t even get close to the water. The pool bottom was covered by a layer of silt that was five feet deep. The site was essentially a swamp, and the three-ton digger I had originally hired could not clear it. It wasn’t until I hired a 13-ton behemoth and enlisted the support of the local farmers that I made any progress.

Progress Was Finally Being Made

Over the next year, my expert team of helpers and I changed the Pool into something that looked like a fishing lake again. The lake was drained, and several trees were cut down. The silt was dug out as well, and the Pool was re-dug. As it took form again, new plants were added to the bank.

In the 2018 winter, the reclaimed Pool’s stocking process got underway. Honestly, it was scary and completely outside of my comfort zone when I decided to leave the city and relocate to work as a fishery manager. But given that I have been passionate about fishing my whole life and successfully run businesses for the past 25 years, I was excited, nervous, and confident in equal measure.

Fortunately, there was no shortage of advice from the carp farming community. Mark Simmonds and Viv from VS Fisheries and Ant from AJS Fisheries were particularly helpful. Initially, 30 VS fish were stocked, with equal portions of C4s, C5s, and C6s. Five more VS fish were stocked in 2019, along with three more AJS fish. 21 VS fish and 19 AJS fish were added in 2020. Finally, 12 Simmos were stocked in February 2022 to offer a quick-growing variety. The stock currently has 65 fish in it after accounting for the carp lost annually due to spawning. Eight to ten of these fish are known to be in their 30s; the lake record currently stands at more than 36 pounds.

I encountered problems with weeds, algae, and oxygen throughout the stocking period. But all of these have been overcome with the help of Viv’s ongoing support and guidance. Since then, the Pool has only grown stronger. 2019 saw the start of fishing, and 2020 saw the Main Pool’s one-acre expansion.

The site is secure. Knowing that fencing, electronic gates, and CCTV protect the entire area, you can fish in peace. There is an otter fence within the security fence. The River Arrow is nearby, and otters are common in the waterway. There are restrooms and showers, and I am always available to provide as much or as little assistance as you require while fishing the lake.

Guests of the larger Pool have access to the Pleasure Pool, conveniently located just behind it. Let’s just say that the Pleasure Pool is home to an astonishing array of fish without giving too much away. It generates a plethora of surprises and provides a welcome diversion for anglers whose efforts in the Main Pool are proving fruitless.

That's Enough from Me!

Anyway, that’s enough from me – please head over to the CARPology website to read their entire feature, it’s detailed and wonderfully written and descriptive.

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